Project Description

Family Support

We accompany children, adolescents, and their families that are living in situations of poverty, maltreatment, abuse, or abandonment. We seek to strengthen protective factors with the families, expanding their support networks.

When the families need, we offer them a process of psychological accompaniment so that their members can make their changes. Additionally, we address practical and economic issues that allow people to live a dignified life.

Our Base is the Community

Family support is based on a community approach. We believe that informal networks are much stronger than any professional organization, and we always seek to expand networks around the child, adolescent, and his/her family. We organize family and community encounters, spaces that allow the participants to discuss the situations they are going through, thus learning together and generating ideas and solutions.

Besides, our project of community development seeks to strengthen the skills and capabilities of Ecuadorian families and non-accompanied adolescents in human mobility, through processes of training. Its objective is economic and/or academic empowerment to avoid vulnerability. Currently, we facilitate vocational training, while various adolescents participate in academic programs.


Since 2009, DCF has assisted more than 7000 people (children, adolescents, and their families) in its family support and community strengthening program.